Race Car Room

My son loves car so he wanted his room decorated like car.   We painted his room like NASCAR checkers and decorated with touch of wheel plates. He also likes Ford so added some stickers with light effect.


sidra ali said...

My first post on your blog and really it is just to say thanks for your Nice Post And Shairing
You always pick such interesting i visit your blog regularly for updates!
Loved your description of it.
Thank you for picking this one.

Lisa said...

you did his room up really great! I love the car theme. My family is a Ford family so yes, I love the Ford decorations too!!! I also checked out your Etsy shop. your a great artist!

Eli@coachdaddy said...

I love the hubcaps! Glad I found this blog because of Williamette Valley Wonderwoman's hop.

I saw a clock made out of a car wheel the other day at the auto shop ... very cool.

Pamela said...

What a cute little boys room. Thanx so much for partying at my place!