These days I like indigo blue . I feel every few seasons my mood changes for what colors I'm into, what about you? Small intricate details such as textures or patterns make a difference to the charm of an item.   

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These are some of my favorite pics. Twig wreath, pots, wooden spoons, linen cloths and old bottle with sea shells look elegant. So this spring I am going try some of DIY stuff. How about you?

            Krans, takken | - Nieuwe collectie | Styling&Living, ANNIE SLOAN DEALER EN UW ADRES VOOR EEN LANDELIJKE, STOERE WOONSTIJL:

                                                                                                                                                                                Greys placemats:   

       Lace edge.:



                            lovely grey wardrobe:  


                  Schelpen ketting:

   installation of old glass bottles & shells  via what I like:   

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Unplanned Vacation

This summer we didn't plan for a vacation... We had a destination wedding to attend in Asheville NC, which was a last minute planned trip, but we were glad to be there. It's was so much fun to go to Myrtle beach and Smokey Mountains. We Zip Lined and White Water Rafted, it was quite an adventure.  That place has variety of activities. The greenery that the East Coast has is priceless.

Earthy Room

   I feel that after such a long time, I have not connected with all of you. Some times you feel a little lazy and other times you are so busy with your life that you can't take a moment to breath. Right now my husband and kids went to watch a movie and I wanted to share with you guys. So, let's walk through to an earthy and spiced up decor with natural light and gorgeous rooms!

Safari bedroom, Australian Vogue Living << trying to find more images of South African decor, by far the most impressive I've seen.  It has a distinct earthy element and understated sophistication

Anniversay Edition Blue Unique large wall piece with Painted Mason Jars wall decor kitchen decor bedroom decor


Well-Decorated Bungalow in California ♥ Красиво декорирано бунгало в Калифорния | 79 Ideas

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Santana Row

My favorite shopping place is Santana Row.  It's sophisticated hangout place, this being a long weekend was perfect timing for a visit.  One can easily spend five to seven hours. They have some really good stores and restaurants.

                         My husband and sons favorite car.  Every visit being there first look and feel.

           I am a big fan of Paper Source.  You can find gorgeous varieties of colorful papers and card stocks.   They have big collection of handmade papers from around the world.