Artful handmade accessories.

Bookmark, beaded dangle , ribbon , paper , pearl, stone , glass, avid readers, collectible, teachers students, journal, sketchbook.

This item has superb personalized touch. Most of us know at least one book lover or someone who has a lot of required reading for school or work. Think friend, neighbor, teacher gift, or just a treat for oneself.

 A silky sage ribbon with satin sheen makes up the body of this simple, elegant bookmark with glass beads,  metal beads and large white rounds at the ends.

Bookmarks are sure to mark your place with your own personal style without damaging book's pages by the commonly used corner-folding methods. These ribbon bookmarks are gentlest bookmarks!

I use my own bookmarks not just in books I'm reading but also in my  book and journal to make it easy to turn to the current day's log.

This bookmark features a series of beautiful semiprecious stones, pearls, shells, and more. 

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